Monday, 31 March 2014

Curvissa Summer collection event

At the beginning of March, I received an invite to a blogger event being held by Curvissa to give us a look at their new Summer range. They were teaming up with Curve Project London for a day of fashion, fun and photos. We had been sent a checklist of things to take with us such as nude underwear, vest top and heels. So, after getting all my bits together, it was time to head to London for the day...
I had to get two trains and the tube to get to the studio, but luckily, just as I got off the tube, I ran into Mookie, Charley, Sally and Hollie. Mookie was waiting around for Leah and the others and I headed off to the studio. We were welcomed by the lovely Curvissa PR team, some tropical drinks and a lovely purple Lei. We had a little sit down whilst we waited for other some other ladies to arrive, and then we were introduced to the Curve Project London and Curvissa teams.
We were then lead into the studio were we would be getting ready, practising our runway walking and having our pictures taken. I got such a rush walking into the studio, and I just wanted to stand in the middle and take it all in. We were then split into groups, and my group went into the changing area and had a look through the Curvissa Summer range and pick an outfit. Within 10 seconds, I had seen some trousers, and knew that I had to wear them!

They were gorgeous tropical floral print trousers that turned out to be harem pants. They we so comfortable and not what I expected of harem trousers. I put them on expecting to look like MC Hammer on holiday, but they were really nice and not as baggy as I thought they would be. And they had pockets! And I love me a pocket. I teamed it with my black vest top, but it felt a little plain, so I grabbed an orange coat off of the rail. I put it on and it went so great with the bright pattern on the trousers. I then picked up a gorgeous jewelled necklace to finish off the look. I put my nude wedges on that I had taken with me, and I was ready :)

There was a great team of stylists on hand to do our makeup and hair, so it was time to get beautified! I had my makeup done first, and I just wanted a simple look, like what I have on every day, just a little bit nicer! And that is what I got. Victoria did a great job and I was so happy with the finished look.

Then it was lunch time. We headed out onto the terrace for some food and it was lovely. We had sushi, flavoured chicken and wraps, and the cutest and tastiest little fruit tarts.

After a sit down and chat with the other lovely ladies, it was back to the studio, and onto the hair... I was so excited to get my hair done by a lovely lady who has recently been styling the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole. She took my hair out of my bun and was shocked by the length of it! And we both agreed the best thing would be to curl it. So I ended up looking like this....

And then my look was complete! I loved it all! Then it was time to get in front of the camera.... I was a little daunted about it, but the photographer was great, giving me tips on how to stand, and how to position my feet etc. He really put me at ease and I got into it. Then it was time for a sit down and some bubbly.

We did some more catwalk practice as a big group which felt fab with all of the other lovely ladies there, then it was time for some group shots.
Picture from Cure Project London
After some more chatting, and some laughs, it was time to head home. I got to spend a great day with some fabulous women, wearing some great clothes, being around professionals and having a wonderful time. And there was some time for a few selfies with some of the amazing women I spent the day with.

Hollie, Saffi and Gemma

Thanks to Curvissa for putting on a great day, I love the Summer collection and some of the great pieces in it. The only thing I wish was that I could have kept the trousers I wore for the day. Would have topped the day off amazingly.

Check out their range here.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fantasy Fragrance

I have been using the same fragrance for about 6 years now, and I rarely use anything else. Fantasy by Britney Spears.

I love it. I can't describe what it is about it that I love, but it's smells like candy wrapped in flowers. I wanted to share this with you as I get so many compliments on it. Even at my son's school the other day, I was dropping him at the breakfast club and the lady there said "wow you smell nice". It is a really sweet smell, so may not be for everyone, but I love it.

 I am a little hesitant when people ask what it is and that is by Britney Spears, but it's not like she made it. She just smelt it and put her name on it. I never seem to run out of it as, for either my birthday or for Christmas, my in-laws buy my a big 100ml bottle.

There are 2 other perfumes in the Fantasy range, but I have yet to try them - Midnight Fantasy and Circus Fantasy. I do have my eye on the Fantasy Twist, which is a circle that you split half, one half has Fantasy in it, and the other has Midnight Fantasy in.