I enjoy sharing my opinions on different products with people. All of the views I give are mine and mine alone, and I am always 100% honest. And, of course, my opinion of something may not be the same as what someone else says, that's just life!
All posts are written by me, Beka, and all products I review are funded by myself, unless otherwise stated in the post itself.
If I do any collaborations with other bloggers or companies, I will make it clear with whom in the post.
I am PR/Media friendly and always willing to trying or testing out products, or holding giveaways for my lovely followers!
If you want to contact me, please feel free to send me an email to bekaview86@gmail.com
or you can find me on twitter at @girlwithplait
Height - 6ft 1 inch
Size - 24/26
Shoe size - 10 (I know, man feet!)

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