Thursday, 7 May 2015

Swimming Fashion

So after I took a look at the swimsuits on offer on the Evans and Yours websites, I took a little trip to Bluewater to try some on. I had in my mind the ones that I had picked out online, and went into Evans to see which ones that had for me to try on.
First up was this navy and floral print swim dress. I liked that the bust area seemed to cover me up really well, and the print was really nice. It did feel comfortable, until I moved my arms and the straps twisted...
I turned it back over, but before I knew it, it had twisted back over again. I then looked at the back of it to see if I could lengthen the straps to solve the issue, and realised that the straps were not adjustable. On to suit number two.....
Going out of my comfort zone now with an all over floral print...... I really liked the look of this swim dress on the website and on the hanger, but the floral print over the bust area really made my breasts the main feature of this one. Again, the bust area did cover me well, this dress having twist front which was quite pretty. I think I would have loved this dress if the bust area was in black.
Onto Your....... Now, this was one of my favourites when I had a look through the Yours website. It's a combination of my two favourite things, purple and polka dots! So I was a little disappointed that once I got it up to my bust, I couldn't get it over them. The top on this is twisted, but didn't seem to have any 'give', or at least enough for me to get it on. Very sad.
Last, and by no means least, was this swim dress. Staying with the polka dot theme, I picked up this navy suit. Putting it on, I felt the 'tummy control' that is advertised, which made it a little tight to get on, but did feel good once I had put it on fully. The straps on this one were nice and thick, and I felt really secure in it, which was a big plus as that is the whole reason I needed to find a new swimsuit.
So I ended up going for the navy polka dot one from Yours. I was eager to try it out, so ended up popping home, grabbing my towel and heading to the swimming pool. And the swim dress did the job. I felt comfortable in it, and confident. And it kept everything in place, if you know what I mean..... Winner all round.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


I've had the same swimsuit for about 7 years now, I bought from Bon Marche. I really liked it, Black with blue polka dots, nice neckline and fitted well. But after 6 years, lots of swimming, and the likely chance that I have got larger over that times means that I now need to buy a new swimsuit. I tried swimming yesterday morning, and I expose myself after about 3 strokes of front crawl! So after finishing off the swimming doing the aptly named breast stroke, I've come home and decided to take a look at some possible new swimsuits from Bluewater as it is 15 minutes from me, and want to go and get it Wednesday morning. So here are my favourites from the plus size shops there.
I do seem to like a polka dot.... This swim dress caught my eye when I glanced through the swimsuits on the Evans website. I do prefer a swim dress as it just makes me feel more comfortable when walking through the changing rooms and pool area. The bust area looks like it will be really supportive, and the straps are adjustable so can be work cross over the back or as a halterneck.

This swim dress from Yours looks really nice. I like the contrast between the black skirt part and the floral top with a flattering V neck. This dress also comes with 'Tummy Control' for a 'flattering fit' which always comes in handy!
Another swim dress that I liked from the Yours website was this navy polka dot one. I really like the neckline on this dress, and looks like that it will be nice and supportive in the bust area. Again this one has the 'Tummy Control' so would give me a bit more confidence in and out of the pool.
 This swim dress is from Evans and is a little bolder than any swimsuit I have ever owned..... But I do really like the look of it. It is a black base with an all over tropical floral print. It again, like the other Evans swim dress has the twisted style bust, which looks very flattering.
I am still undecided between the ones I have found, but I am planning on a shopping trip Wednesday morning and see which one I prefer once I get them on.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Getting ready for summer

I popped into the new, and larger, Yours store in Bluewater this week with my daughter. I had actually popped in there a while ago just before they were going to move, and then forgotten to pop back and check out the new store. It is a lot easier to manoeuvre around the store now they have more space, and just seemed a lot lighter in this store, which made the store look really nice.
My eye was caught by all of the bright colours in their summer range, which I loved! There were floral’s, neon’s and patterns galore….. I couldn’t help but grab a few things to try on.

I loved the look of this strapless top, and they had it in a few different colours and designs. And, even with my height, it was long enough for me to wear and keep everything covered! I even moved it down to below my bust, and it would work great skirt too, especially as it has the elasticated area around the bust to keep it held up. I didn’t buy this in the end, I did like the pattern but felt the plain coloured ones would suit me better, but I think I will buy at least one of them soon!

I loved the look of these floral leggings, but when I tried them on, I wasn’t too keen on the feel of them, and also how they looked on me. I can’t put my finger on what it was exactly I didn’t like about the material, I just knew that I wouldn’t feel comfy walking around in them all day. They also made my legs look really short….. which I never thought could happen! It was a same as I bought a pair of floral harem pants last year that I love, so maybe I’ll just keep looking for a new pair for this summer.

Talking of harem pants….. as we were leaving the store, these caught my eye. They are a bit brighter that the harem pants that I already have, but I think they are worth a try on! We were short on time, but I will definitely pop back soon and give them a go.
I also need to find some shorts that I like for the summer. My legs aren’t my favourite feature, so I don’t usually have them out, but I then end up with pasty white legs when I go swimming! So I need to try on some different length of shorts, and especially some denim ones. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with  my search.