Sunday, 22 January 2017

I'm back!

I'm back after what seems like forever! 2016 went by in the blink of an eye, finding out and announcing our pregnancy, summer, getting ready for baby and then the safe but long arrival of our beautiful baby girl Lucy Rose (labour post coming up). Then between 1st November til now has been both kids birthdays, christmas and just getting back into a routine with all 3 kids and hubby.
I'm finally in a position to feel like I can write a post again, and make some time for me to do the things I enjoy. I really liked blogging, but lost my motivation for it when I was pregnant. I was living in leggings and spending most time either sleeping or working, so didn't have much to blog about. I wasn't buying new clothes or had any time to contemplate buying clothes, so didn't feel I had much to offer.
I'm still getting back into the swing of 'normal' life, but I know that I do want blogging to be part of it, and it's up to me to make that happen. First off, decking what I want it to be about, and at the moment that's going to be Lucy, food and crafting. But maybe fashion, TV and sport too. I just want the blog to reflect me and my life, and that's a mixture of everything, so expect the unexpected!
And Happy New Year ☺