Thursday, 14 February 2013

Coloured jeans

Well hello
Today I just wanted to share with you my bargain buy from New Look on Wednesday.
As I have said before, I am large framed, big boned, overweight, plus size or however you want to say it, AND just over 6ft tall, so, surprisingly, can sometimes find clothes shopping annoying. I have been drawn over the past few years to New Look and their 'Inspire' range of clothes, as they go up to 32 waist and now do 32" leg on their trousers.
They are my go-to shop for jeans, which I live in, as I can usually pick up a pair for between£10 and£18, which is pretty good compared to Evans where you can easily pay at least £25 for a pair. And then there are the sales in New Look where I have picked up jeans for £6.99!!
So I needed some new jeans as my current ones are starting to get holey, and I picked up a couple of pairs in my trusty bootcut blue jeans in 32" leg.
Then I was walking over to the tills when I noticed a sale section...... uh oh! And one of the first things I noticed a single pair of redish/burgundy skinny jeans....not only in my size, but in 32" leg!!! I was having them! And I hadn't even looked at the label to see how much they were, I just wanted to have them. I had been looking at jeans like this in the normal (full price) section, but wasn't overly keen on the electric blue ones they had.
So now, with the jeans in my hand, I checked out the price tag...... £8! That was it, I was straight off to pay for them before my husband noticed I had picked them up...
I also had painted my toes (using my previous post's Rimmel nail varnish) after I took this picture, and thought they went well, so here is another picture just cos I like it :)
Have you made any good bargain buys recently? Please share any good finds :)
toodle pip!
Beka x

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