Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer brights

A couple of weeks ago I ventured to Asda Living in Dartford for a little look around. I happened to come across the George make-up section and some lovely Brazilian themed nail polishes caught my eye.

They are from the George Gel Pro collection. I have bought a couple of the other colours from this range before and have been really impressed with them. So I treated myself to Festival - a bright yellow - and Samba Parade - a deep lilac.
I had actually picked up a bright yellow dress as I was walking around, so thought that the yellow polish would go great with that. And purple is one of my favourite colours, so I couldn't resist getting that one too. They were only £2 each and I knew I just had to have them. Even though I have a couple of other colours in the Gel Pro range, I was a little uncertain of what the coverage of these would be like. I was prepared for them to be a little opaque on application as I have had that with the pastel colours from other brands before. But I was pleasantly surprised.
They both covered with intense colour on pretty much the first coat. I was really pleased with the yellow as it didn't lose any of the brightness when I applied it, and was really popped after applying the second coat. The lilac was the same, and was really vibrant after I applied the second coat. They both dried pretty quickly, within 4-5 minutes of application and lasted really well.

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