Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Love of Crafting

I've always been creative. I loved doing cross stich with my mum when I was younger, but the back of mine was never as neat as hers! I'd sit and watch her crochet baby blankets, sewing badges on my school jumpers, and general clothing repairs. I think that's where it came from, my love of creating things, mending things and even taking one thing and turning it into something else.

About 18 months ago I went to a crafting day that my cousin was organising near where I used to live. It wasn't long after my wedding and I wanted to work on a little album to put some pictures in. So the day before, my cousin took me shopping to The Range to get basic supplies, card, embelishments and some other basics. I turned up with my handbag of bits and bobs ready to start, and I watched as ladies walked in with what can only be described as suitcases full of crafting amazingness! This was when I got hooked.

Dies, punches, inks, glitter, and so much more. It's been addictive! But I love it so much, and it's become a passion for me now. I have loved making my own cards for friends and family, for special occasions, trying out new designs and putting care and thought into each one. I've also made a few cards on request for friends, from new home, baby and birthday cards. Here are a couple I've made recently.

This care I made for my mum's birthday this year.

And this one was for my sister and her fiancée after they got engaged.

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