Saturday, 24 October 2015

H&M Scarf

Whilst out browsing for a new purse the other week, I popped into H&M to see what I could find. To be honest, it's not a shop I usually go in due to their size range, but have been in there with my daughter and cousin (skinny girls lol) before. So I had a quick look and they didn't really have anything I liked in regards to purses, but then a certain scarf bought my eye. I had planned on getting myself a nice infinity scarf this autumn to keep warm, and I really liked the look of this one.

 It's a knitted scarf with black and white wool, which gives it an overall grey look. I thought this would go with most outfits, which I am please to say it does! It is a great length, even for me, as I have found infinity scarves in the past to not be long enough for my large neck. This is a great length as standard, and I can wrap it round twice for that snuggly cold day.

I have been wearing this scarf most days of late as the weather has turned nasty and cold, but I don't mind as I love it. So soft and warm, and I think a great buy at £12.99. I think I'll definitely be popping into H&M more often to see what other accessories I can get hold of.

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