Friday, 1 May 2015

Getting ready for summer

I popped into the new, and larger, Yours store in Bluewater this week with my daughter. I had actually popped in there a while ago just before they were going to move, and then forgotten to pop back and check out the new store. It is a lot easier to manoeuvre around the store now they have more space, and just seemed a lot lighter in this store, which made the store look really nice.
My eye was caught by all of the bright colours in their summer range, which I loved! There were floral’s, neon’s and patterns galore….. I couldn’t help but grab a few things to try on.

I loved the look of this strapless top, and they had it in a few different colours and designs. And, even with my height, it was long enough for me to wear and keep everything covered! I even moved it down to below my bust, and it would work great skirt too, especially as it has the elasticated area around the bust to keep it held up. I didn’t buy this in the end, I did like the pattern but felt the plain coloured ones would suit me better, but I think I will buy at least one of them soon!

I loved the look of these floral leggings, but when I tried them on, I wasn’t too keen on the feel of them, and also how they looked on me. I can’t put my finger on what it was exactly I didn’t like about the material, I just knew that I wouldn’t feel comfy walking around in them all day. They also made my legs look really short….. which I never thought could happen! It was a same as I bought a pair of floral harem pants last year that I love, so maybe I’ll just keep looking for a new pair for this summer.

Talking of harem pants….. as we were leaving the store, these caught my eye. They are a bit brighter that the harem pants that I already have, but I think they are worth a try on! We were short on time, but I will definitely pop back soon and give them a go.
I also need to find some shorts that I like for the summer. My legs aren’t my favourite feature, so I don’t usually have them out, but I then end up with pasty white legs when I go swimming! So I need to try on some different length of shorts, and especially some denim ones. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with  my search.

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