Thursday, 7 May 2015

Swimming Fashion

So after I took a look at the swimsuits on offer on the Evans and Yours websites, I took a little trip to Bluewater to try some on. I had in my mind the ones that I had picked out online, and went into Evans to see which ones that had for me to try on.
First up was this navy and floral print swim dress. I liked that the bust area seemed to cover me up really well, and the print was really nice. It did feel comfortable, until I moved my arms and the straps twisted...
I turned it back over, but before I knew it, it had twisted back over again. I then looked at the back of it to see if I could lengthen the straps to solve the issue, and realised that the straps were not adjustable. On to suit number two.....
Going out of my comfort zone now with an all over floral print...... I really liked the look of this swim dress on the website and on the hanger, but the floral print over the bust area really made my breasts the main feature of this one. Again, the bust area did cover me well, this dress having twist front which was quite pretty. I think I would have loved this dress if the bust area was in black.
Onto Your....... Now, this was one of my favourites when I had a look through the Yours website. It's a combination of my two favourite things, purple and polka dots! So I was a little disappointed that once I got it up to my bust, I couldn't get it over them. The top on this is twisted, but didn't seem to have any 'give', or at least enough for me to get it on. Very sad.
Last, and by no means least, was this swim dress. Staying with the polka dot theme, I picked up this navy suit. Putting it on, I felt the 'tummy control' that is advertised, which made it a little tight to get on, but did feel good once I had put it on fully. The straps on this one were nice and thick, and I felt really secure in it, which was a big plus as that is the whole reason I needed to find a new swimsuit.
So I ended up going for the navy polka dot one from Yours. I was eager to try it out, so ended up popping home, grabbing my towel and heading to the swimming pool. And the swim dress did the job. I felt comfortable in it, and confident. And it kept everything in place, if you know what I mean..... Winner all round.

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