Thursday, 28 April 2016

Maternity Must Haves

Since finding out I was pregnant, I started looking at maternity clothing. My usual daily outfits consist of skinny jeans and a top, but even at the start (6-8 weeks) of my pregnancy, I was finding the skinny jeans uncomfortable as they would push on the middle of my stomach.
I was pleasantly surprised one day on Instagram to see a fellow pregnant blogger who was wearing leggings from Yours Clothing. So, I popped over to their website and had a look through their Bump It Up Maternity range (visit here)

So my first thing to look at was some black leggings, as these would be useful for day to day use, including for work. I came across a few lengths of leggings, but for work, I needed the standard full length ones.

Being just over 6 feet, I was a little concerned these wouldn't be long enough for me, but actually they are pretty perfect. The comfort panel is a great size and they stay up really well, even after 5 hours on my feet at work. I have now bought 3 of these in black and one in the Charcoal Grey colour, just to mix it up a bit. They also have leggings in shorter lengths which I will be buying ready for the summer, just in case we actually get some nice weather! I like that they do each style in a few different colours, including black, navy blue, charcoal grey and a light grey.

Next up, I liked the look of their vest tops, which include secret support and are lovely and long. At the moment they only do them in black and white. Again, I knew that the black would come in handy the most, so bought that one first. I wear one under my work polo shirt just to keep my ever expanding tummy covered! I have now bought 2 more black and a white one too.

The Bump It Up Range seems to be growing each week, and I am sure I will be making more purchases soon!

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