Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Busy Times

My life is currently in the fast lane. My car is full of work, kids, being pregnant, running a PTA and just being a human, and I CANNOT wait for these next two weeks to be over and for a rest. The kids are off for a holiday with their mum, and Mike and I are heading down to Devon in my parents caravan for 10 days with Lulu. We haven't had a holiday to ourselves since summer 2010 and this is going to be our last chance to have one before the baby arrives and we have 3 kids with us! 

We have been up to North Yorkshire for the last two years to the same campsite, but this year we fancied a change and to head down south instead. Mike used to go to Dartmoor with his family every year when he was younger, so he wanted to take me down there and show me the sites. We have a list of places that we want to visit and things we want to do whilst down there, all dog friendly luckily! We spent Sunday with my parents and making sure the caravan is ok, gas working, changing water filter and giving it a bit of a clean, and just stepping into it made me excited. We used the caravan for our summer holiday last year and we really enjoyed ourselves and couldn't wait to book up this years trip. The campsite we have picked is just off an A road, so no little track roads to try and get through, and then only a 10 minute journey to the nearest town and supermarkets. As the caravan only has a small fridge, it's handy to have somewhere close to top up on supplies when we need to.

I have also made another order from the maternity range from Yours to top up my clothing supply for the holiday, including a couple more of the vest tops and some more of the crop leggings. Everyone in the house (apart from Lulu!) has been shopping for new clothes, especially as the kids are off to Malta and needed new summer bits for the nice weather they will have. So, after this weekend, I'll be focusing on packing all of their bits up and getting the last few bits they need before Friday evening when they go off to their mums. Then I have Saturday and Sunday morning to get all of our bits and bobs ready to head down to my parents on Sunday afternoon. Then we plan to head off by 5:30am on Monday for our time away. It will take about 4 1/2 hours to get to the campsite, but we have planned a stop for breakfast on the way down at a truck stop :) 

Right, I need to go and ice some cupcakes for the Sports Day at school tomorrow!

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