Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Festive Home

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have already put up a few Christmas decorations around the house. We had got them in from the garage to check on the amount of lights we had for the outside of the house, and everything was just laying there.... I couldn't resist putting a few things up. We are planning on getting our tree and lights up on Sunday, with the grand 'light switch on' on Monday 1st December.

Being a crafter, I love to make my own decorations at Christmas so they can be personal and I think, make it look so homely. This year I have reused some paper bunting and some pegs for hanging Christmas cards/decorations, and have bought and made some other little bits for this year.

I picked up these wooden hanging decorations in Aldi about 3 weeks ago for £4.99 for a set of 4. I really liked the style of them, and I do love to have stuff hanging down from the ceilings at Christmas. The pack contained two tree and two star decorations

A fewweeks ago, I was given a load of craft bits from one of Mike's work friends, and in with it all was a snowflake punch. On a separate note, I had been wanting one for a while, but couldn't find one I liked, so I was so pleased to have this one. Then I went a little snowflake crazy! I punched out a load of snowflakes and decided I wanted to make a string of them. So taking just some sewing thread and a glue stick, I got to work! All I did was glue one side of a snowflake, lay the string through the middle of it, them glue another snowflake to the top, creating a sandwich to hold the snowflakes onto the string. And once I started, I couldn't stop.

I've made long strings of plain white snowflakes and also strings I plan to hang which have a combination of white and baby blue snowflakes. I still have some all cut out, so having a think about what else I can make from them!

I do love walking into my lounge and seeing all the decorations and it feeling all Christmassy. I think I am sorted on the decoration part, but I do feel we need some finishing home touches to really emphasise the festive spirit. So I took a little look on the George @ Asda website to see what little gems I could find. 

You can't beat a good old Christmas candle! The lovely little set of three glass votive are really cute. I love the countdown blocks. Not only a good way to know what the date is, but I think my kids would love being able to change it each day. As the cold nights draw in, a hot water bottle can be a great addition, especially in our freezing house! This one has a lovely Aztec style Nordic print which would go lovely with our decorations. Last year, I bought myself a Christmas mug, but it's tall and the handle is a bit on the small side. So when I saw these two mugs I fell in love. Would be great for our evening hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream :) Lastly, they had a great selection of cushions, and I had a tough job picking favourites. But I had to go for the red snowflake one. It's so bright and Christmassy and I love it! The other two, which seem to be the same size and style, are really lovely. I love the fact they are Christmas themed without being too Christmassy.
Check out the full range of Christmas Home Decor available at George here.

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