Sunday, 9 December 2012

Party time!

Well hello

Today was Maisie's 11th birthday party (it's her actual birthday tomorrow) and now I need some rest! It was at our local bowling alley in Orpington, and, apart from being SO loud and girly, it was worth the money.

The kids got a game of bowling, dinner and drink, ice cream, gift bags and a bowling medal. The food was pretty good and came in quite large portions, the table had been decorated well with balloons on each of the chairs, and the medals were not bad quality!

The girls did well at the bowling, but did spend most of the time taking pictures of themselves on their phones rather than playing! But they all seemed to have fun. Leanne (bestie) and I spent the majority of the time being amused by one of the girls who just seemed to drop the ball onto the alley, and then just walk off and not even see what pins she knocked down.....ironically, she came 2nd!

They have another branch of the same bowling alley, take a look here.

So after opening presents, trying to tear balloons from the chairs and squeezing into a tiny lift, we are home and now enjoying watching Elf :) Kids are in bed, chocolates may be devoured later and then some well deserved sleep.

When did you last go bowling?

toodle pip!

Beka x

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