Saturday, 1 December 2012

Festive day

Well hello

Happy first day of December!! I was so excited this morning -maybe more than the kids - to open up the first window on my advent calendar! The best part about the build up to Christmas is the knowledge that everyday, you get to start your morning with a piece of chocolate :) We even got a calendar for Lulu, so she gets a treat too, only fair.

So I started the day with a little shopping trip to get some breakfast bits and chocolates for my extra special advent calendar which Mike made me the first Christmas we were together - I'll do a post showing you that next week - its amazing!

Then I couldn't wait any longer......I had to start decorating! I got Mike to get the bits down from the loft and I was away! I got the tree up, all the decorations ready, and then I began! I've stuck with the same colour theme as last year.....silver and purple, which are my favourite colours, and also cheaper as I didn't need to buy anymore!

Then we spent the evening with Mike's family for a pre-Christmas party. Lots of food, chatting and cracker pulling, which unfortunately meant bad cracker joke telling!

So a nice Chrsitmassy themed day, the first of many!

Have you started decorating yet?

toodle pip!

Beka x

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