Monday, 29 April 2013

31 Days of May

Well hello
"Never regret anything, because at one point you wanted it"
For the month of May, I will be posting on my blog EVERY DAY! A few weeks ago, the lovely Kaye @ Polished Curves mentioned on Twitter about  giving herself a little challenge and blogging every day in May.... Now, when I first started my blog in November, I was trying to post everyday, but I had a lot going on over the New Year, I couldn't keep up with it. It didn't help that I had just started and I think it was a bit of a silly decision. But now...... I am up for the challenge :)
So, there are four of us who are taking the challenge, and the other two ladies are....
I signed up for this a few weeks ago, thinking that I haven't really got a lot on over the month of May, so I'll have plenty of time to get some good posts up for my lovely readers, but also had a few days out that I thought would be good to blog about.
Now....I have agreed to help my mum organise her 30th Wedding Anniversary party on the 1st June, so that is going to be a big part of my days in May, but nothing is going to stop me from doing this challenge! I'm taking it as a positive, and I may even include some 'party planning' posts :)
So I hope you will enjoy Kaye, Toni and my posts throughout May, we will be linking them daily on Twitter under the hashtag #31daysofmay.
toodle pip!

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