Thursday, 4 April 2013

Market bargains!

Well hello
On Wednesday morning, my other half and I ventured out in the cold to Swanley market. It's on every Wednesday in Swanley shopping centre - but is actually outside, between the Asda and all the other shops on the other side of the walk way.
Anyway, the first thing we needed to do was get some cash out, then, there just happened to be a Plus Size (16-32) stall near the cash machines :) Then, as I approached it, I noticed the £5 sale sign, which was on every rail! Oh I got so excited!! I managed to get 3 things, but oh, I could have got a lot more! But I'm trying to be good this month with my spending. So here is what I picked up (this time!)
This top is bright pink and opal stripes, nice and long, and has an extra section on the bottom on both sides that wings out.
 It's nice and stretchy and has little cap sleeves. It is quite thin, so will also be good for the summer :)

 Next is this cardigan. I have been looking for a plain black cardigan for ages, but at £5, I couldn't resist! The sleeves are nice and long, and has four buttons at the cuffs. It was advertised as size 24/26, but on the label inside, it's just XXL. It does up, but pulls a little on the buttons, but I'll probably only ever wear it open anyways :)

This top is silk looking and is a little more green than in this picture (and a little less creased - it could use an iron!). It has got 3/4 length sleeves, well on me anyway, and is slightly longer at the front and back than at the sides. I didn't really think that it flattered me too much, so I grabbed a belt and .....
Much better :)
I also popped into Poundland and managed to pick up another colour from the Collection 2000 Hot Looks Dry Fast range (I previously got these colours here).
This colour is called Angel Wings and is a very light grey colour. It looked really white in the packet, and I was a little worried that I wouldn't like it, but now it's on, I really like it. It's a colour that I can match with anything :)
 So that is my shopping for today :) no more, I promise!!

Have you found any good market bargains recently?

toodle pip!

Beka x


  1. Thanks Sally! I'm planning on heading back there this week too! x