Friday, 26 April 2013

Charity Shop Challenge!


Well hello
Now I love shopping in charity shops, but I only really look in the children’s section, and maybe the home ware section. Being plus size, I never really thought about looking in the adult clothes. I just kind of always assumed they would be ‘normal sizes’ and that was that!
So when Sarah @ Sarah Smiles asked for bloggers to be part of a charity shop challenge, I couldn’t wait to volunteer! She sent us some basic rules for the challenge, and away we went!
I had a think about which town I was going to look in, and I was already going into Bromley during the Easter holidays, so that’s where I started to look. My first thing I wanted to get was the basic parts of the outfit, i.e top, skirt, dress, trousers, then I could spend anything else left on accessories. I kind of knew straight away that I wouldn’t be able to get shoes in this challenge (unless they were mens) as I am a manly size 10. Anyway, the trip to Bromley was annoyingly unsuccessful and I found nothing! Gutted!
That weekend, Mike and I were heading to Chatham to visit my parents and have lunch at our favourite restaurant, so I dragged Mike around their charity shops. And I found all of this!

First I found this top in Shelter for £3
To be honest, I didn’t even know that this charity shop was even there! We go to Chatham every other weekend, and walk past it each time, but it’s got quite a small frontage and in a very quiet part of the High Street. But I was so happy to find this top in size 26/28 - a little big for me, but a nice style.
Next, I came across these goodies in PDSA….


This skirt was £3.49
And this bag was £2.99
I really love shopping in PDSA as we use them for our dog, so I’m always happy when I find something in there.
So I had around £5.50 left to spend, so I popped into British Heart Foundation to look for some more accessories. I found this lovely silver butterfly necklace for £3.99
And lastly I found this hair hand/clip for £1.49.
And here is the outfit as a whole....
I've added my own flip flops.
I really loved the top and skirt, and found a couple of other ways to style them. First, I put on some pink leggings with the top and created this look for around the house, or even to do the school run.
Then, I put the skirt on, but pulled it right up to create a summer dress look, and then just added a black shawl. This would be great for when we visit the ford in the summer, and I can paddle in the river :)
I'm really pleased that I took part in this challenge and am even more pleased with what I found! And I'm came in under budget (just!) at £14.96 :)
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toodle pip!

Beka x



  1. oh wow you found loads love it! very summery :-) x

  2. thanks hun :) I can't wait to wear them when the sun comes back! xx

  3. you got some fab bargains :0)