Monday, 8 April 2013

Best Friends!

Well hello

Today, I want to tell you about my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

The pictures in this post are either from my hen party or from our wedding :)


This is Leanne. We met in 2002 through a mutual friend, and hit if off straight away. She was in the year below me at secondary school, but is technically only just over a month younger than me (stupid August/September school date poo! But anyway, we didn't meet until I was pretty much at the end of my time at school. We only lived about a 15 min walk away from each other, but it was up and down the valley in between us! But it was worth it. We would often just spend evenings meeting up on a local field and chatting about not a lot in particular. Then I passed my driving test (with my instructor being Leanne's mum!) and then I would go and pick her up after work and we would go for road trips! The majority of them ended up at one of the many McDonald's drive thru's near us! But hey, we had a laugh :) We would also, without fail, go to a local alternative club on a Friday night, and always had a great time. People ALWAYS asked us if we were sisters, and we would get annoyed a bit, so one Friday night, we dressed in the same outfit, but me in blue and her in pink. Then, about halfway through the night, we swapped! It was so much and fun and we confused lots of people :)

I lost contact with Leanne whilst I was with my ex. We went around 2 years without talking :(  But she was the first person I contacted after I had moved back home.... and we just clicked back into place! She had a boyfriend at the time, and I had started to see Mike, so we often went around their house for dinner and had a great time :) We are still great friends, and, although we may not talk everyday, Leanne is always there for a chat, a drink and especially sushi :) She was my bridesmaid at my wedding last year, and she did so much to help with the day, from decorating the cupcakes, to organising an AMAZING hen party, to being sooooo supportive on the day!

She is amazing, and wonderful, and someone that will always laugh at my stupid jokes. She is my best friend and I couldn't imagine my life without her.
Just in case she reads this....I love you!

So there is the amazing, beautiful woman, who makes me smile.

toodle pip!

Beka x

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