Wednesday, 23 January 2013

hang on a minute!!

Well hello

Firstly I have to apologise (I know, it's getting a habit!!) for my lack of posts on Friday and Monday. I sat and wrote out Friday's post and there seemed to be some technical fault, which basically meant it didn't publish it, and now it's missing half.... so I have spent this evening fixing that.
Then..... the snow!!!! Now I think it is pretty, and fun to play in, but it completely messed up my cinema trip on Sunday! I was so gutted. I was sooo looking forward to seeing Les Miserables.... but we have rescheduled for this Sunday, so fingers crossed :)

So today's post is a little off topic as I have to now catch up with the last two! But here's what has been going on in my world this week.....

Mike is finally over his viral infection (yay) and able to get about now. We are off to London tomorrow to see his doctor, see how he is getting on and get ready for his operation. It will be good to get a date, then we can look forward to it being done and Mike being able to get back to normal, and for us to go on a proper honeymoon!! I had a day of baking on Sunday, and managed to bake:
Eight Apple Cake by the lovely sisters at Crumbs  - It was absolutely lovely!
Banana muffins by me :)
Victoria sponge from my mothers recipe book
And we enjoyed eating them lots! Even the kids tucked into the banana muffins :)

Monday was back to school (much to the kids annoyance!) but we managed to have a little bit of a lay in, and I don't think they did much work as there were very few of them in.

I've been mainly doing housework and finishing touches to my photo wall - I will do a post once it is complete - and being a bit ill. But a trip to London tomorrow, and a day out with my Hubby on Friday before a weekend with the kids to look forward too, so my illness needs to go away!!

I hope you are well and were not too affected by the snow,

toodle pip!

Beka x

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