Sunday, 27 January 2013

Les Miserables....

Well hello.

I have just walked through the door and sat down to write this post as I'm so excited to share my experience of seeing Les Miserables.....
It was amazing! From the first scene of Jean Val Jean in the water as a prisoner, to the end scene on the barricade, I was engrossed in it completely. The actors were not just great at acting, but they sang the songs so well and with the feelings of truth.

For me, by far, Anne Hathaway (as Fantine) stole the show. Her portrayal of the poor woman who loses her job, turns to the streets and loses everything was breathtaking. Her version of I Dreamed A Dream gave me goosebumps! She was stunning, even without her flowing locks. I also enjoyed, quite surprisingly, Russell Crowe. I wasn't sure about him playing Jalvert, I've never heard him sing, and only really seen him in Gladiator. But, I have to admit, I actually thought he was perfect for the role, to the point were my friend and I were quite attracted to him! We think it was the power aspect of his character :-)

Anyway, the film was totally brilliant, the characters were perfect, the picture was breathtaking throughout and I can't wait to see it again!
10/10 all the way!
toodle pip!
Beka x

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