Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Party Dresses - George @ Asda

This is my last instalment of my search for a new party dress for this Christmas season, and I have been having a good look through the George @ Asda Direct website.

1. Metallic Flower Mesh Dress - £20
I think is really lovely, and I love the mesh top part. The pattern on the top part is pretty.

2. Chiffon Batwing Dress - £18
I think this is amazing. I have a batwing top from ASOS and it is one of my favourite items. I think it gives you a great shape.

3. Moda V-neck Dress - £18
This is in a beautiful cobalt blue, and I love a V-neck!

4. Lace Shift Dress - £20
What better colour to wear at Christmas but red! And the lace sleeves are lovely.

5. Barbara Hulanicki Patterned Collar Dress - £18
This is a great black dress, and with the little collar, I think this would be a great staple dress for different occasions.

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