Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2014 Plan

I have written before about how I have managed to finally accept my body for what it is, and even to embrace it. It has taken me 27 years to feel good about myself, and acknowledge that I am fat, overweight, obese, however you want to say it, but that doesn't mean I need to hide every bump, curve, bulge or part of me that may offend people. I am me, and that is that.
Along with the confidence I have gained, is also more of an awareness about how unfit I am. I don't really do exercise, I could never see how people got enjoyment out of it, or find the time. I am currently a housewife/stay-at-home mum/unemployed lady, with two kids both in full time education, so I can't use the excuse of having no time to do anything. I hate the idea of going to the gym, paying £50 a month to have all the already fit people looking down their nose at me and wondering why I am bothering. But I have seemed to reach a point in my life where I have realised that, although I will always be a big girl, I need to start thinking long term, and start thinking about my health.

Both of our children aren't biologically mine, and the thought of being a mum fills me with joy. I have learnt so much for my parents throughout the years, and knew that my purpose in life was to be a mum. For now, that is to two amazing children that I love so much, and one day I hope that we can have a third child. But to do this, I feel I need to change my lifestyle.
I know that being overweight is seen as a big problem when it comes to conceiving and having a baby, and I don't doubt that it can cause complications for some people. But I have know quite a few ladies that are overweight and gone on to have beautiful babies with no extra complications than any 'normal' sized lady.
Anyway, apart from that, I just want to be able to run around with the kids, feel like I can do things without getting out of breathe and not being able to fit into seats in cinemas without being reminded I am 'that big'. I just wanted to explain to you that I am comfortable with my body, but I am going to try and make it fitter, and possibly smaller, on my quest for 2014.

The first step to a healthier me in 2014 is juicing!
A few months ago, I saw a video on YouTube where these people were doing a 5 day juice detox. The idea of a juice detox confused me a little, and so I began my search on what this involved, and was pleasantly surprised. I found a lot of videos on or by Jason Vale or 'The Juice Master' as he is known, and started to understand the point of juicing as a way to detox, get healthy and lose weight. Only after a few days, I realised that this was something that I should try as I have found it hard in the past to eat well. There are different types of juicing, and I see the best option for me to be juice fasting, which is basically where I have nothing but juice and water for a set number of days.
I am bad at eating. Well, I am technically good at eating, as you can tell by my size.....but I mean I am bad at eating the RIGHT things. I rarely would eat my 5 a day, not because I don't like fruit and vegetables, but because it was easier to eat chips than boiled potatoes, or a chocolate bar rather than an apple. When I had decided this was something I wanted to do, I told some friends about it and who were a bit sceptical. One said why not just eat better, but I told her that with me, it's all or nothing. If I am eating normally, I can just as easily think, I can't be bothered to cook some veg, I'll just have a jacket potato, with butter, and cheese.......and defeat the point of eating vegetables. So, once I had read up about juice fasting, I knew it was something I should at least give a go. I told Mike what my plan was, and he was up for giving it a go too, as he is keen to loose some weight too. We then started looking at juicers to buy, and after a few discussions, we opted for the Philips HR1861. At the time, it was £74.99 on Amazon, and I had a £25 gift voucher I had left over from my birthday, so we used that and got it as our Christmas present.

And I love it! I have used it everyday since Christmas, trying new things all the time. I have bought fruit and vegetables nearly everyday, and I am loving it! I've told people that we got one, and the main response is 'oh that will only be used for 2 months'. But it's not. I am loving the taste of the juices and feel so good when I drink them, knowing I am feeling my body with all their nutrients and goodness :)

I also went out on 28th December and bought myself a bike. I haven't been on one properly since I was about 15.....but I used to love going round to my friend's house on it, and just love the feeling of freedom whilst riding. So I used a voucher I got from my parent's and got myself a hybrid bike, helmet, nice seat and some gloves. I went for the Apollo Code Men's Hybrid Bike as I needed a 21" frame, and all the ladie's ones went up to 20" and were either pink or purple.... and I like the black look. It was quite weird trying it out for the first time, it was very wobbly! But I got the hang of it and loved it! Now that we all have a bike, Mike and I plan to take the kids out at weekends for some nice nice bike rides. Can't wait!

I will be keeping a Vlog diary on my YouTube channel, and will be updating each week. I hope you will join me on this quest to find my healthy side!


  1. It's great that you're doing this for your health and not because you don't feel comfortable in your own skin- because you're gorgeous as you are :) I'm a small person but I'm also incredibly unfit. I can walk down the stairs and my body will feel the need to collapse on the sofa for 2 hours...not good! I can't wait to watch your vlogs, this has definitely motivated me to start exercising again which I hope will improve my health all round! Thank you :) L xo

  2. Hey Lizzie! Thanks for your words of encouragement :) I really can't wait to start my exercise on Monday when the kids go back to school. You can find my channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSzVCp9bSf_zx4gx6Ri6dwA
    and I hope to have a video up in the next few days :) Bekax