Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Scents

Whilst doing our Christmas food shop in Asda last week, and Mike caught site of an offer on some Glade candles. Then I turned round to see him having a good sniff! So I joined in. They had a selection of different fragrances, but in the end, we choose Spiced Apple and Cinnamon, and Spiced Pomegranate.

We both love cinnamon, so we were in heaven when we had a smell of the red one, and new we definitely had to get that. The we had a sniff of some of the other scents which included, Blackberry Frost, Sparkling Spruce and Warm Orange and Spice. None of them had jumped out at us, but then we saw a second stand of the candles. there we found, and smelled, Spiced Pomegranate. I was divine! 

The Spiced Apple and Cinnamon was the first one we decided to try. It tool a while for the scent to spread, but when it did, it was lovely. Not too strong, but the scent would linger in the air. I loved the design on the candle too. It does look like a Christmas candle, but when you look closely, it only has the small snowflake/floral white detail around the top. So I think that they would look good as decoration the whole your round.

The next night we tried the Spiced Pomegranate candle. This was such a lovely smell. It had the spices you would expect at Christmas, but with the sweet smell of pomegranate. I think I actually prefer this to the first one, which surprises me due to my love of all things cinnamon. But, they we go! You never know until you try!

The decoration on the glass votive is a plastic cellophane wrap, so you could easily take it off for a plain glass look. These were a bargain reduced from £4.50 to just £2, so we decided we could treat ourselves.....as it is Christmas.

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  1. I love christmas candles I have the spiced pomegranate one, it's lovely. I'll have to look out for the cinnamon one as they are on offer :).

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