Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Our Santa Experience

A few months ago, along with Mike's family, we decided to book tickets for Ruxley Manor Garden Centre in Sidcup to visit Santa. The were really popular and sold out very quickly, but we were some of the lucky ones. I had never been to a proper 'Visit Santa' thing before, only really seen him at school fete's or at local shopping centres. So when we got the confirmation email through about our booking, I was pleasantly surprised to see that we would be spending an hour seeing Santa! 

I had told a few of my mum friend's at Jack's school about our booking, and they all had said how great it was and that they had missed out on tickets. This made me even more excited to go! So, we headed off there last week and met all of Mike's family there, as we were all coming from different directions.

We first were lead into a little room by Santa's elves where we were told about a rat problem and how we were going to help Santa. Then we had to sing a song called Reindeer Pokey - which was in the tune of Hokey Pokey - and the kids enjoyed that, and maybe me too. Then we went through the next door and we greeted by a coconut shy-style set up, but with rats and snowballs. We had to throw the snowballs at the rats and see how many we could knock down. This is where the guys got a little competitive and a a bit violent in trying to smash the hell out of some toy rats!

Then we went into another room where the kids got to sit at desks and decorate their own Christmas Tree decoration. Jack went for a Santa and Maria chose a reindeer. They got a little pack with their wooden decoration and a set of 4 colouring pens. They loved this, and I wish I could have done one too!

Next, we went into Santa's kitchen where the children got to make some reindeer food. They had to sprinkle in different things into their little hessian bags from fairy sprinkle dust to elf crystals, and they loved it. Jack can't wait to sprinkle his reindeer food in the front garden on Christmas Eve.

Family photo

Then it was time to see Santa! We weren't really allowed to take pictures in there...but I took a sneaky one just of the room with Santa in.

Santa had a little chat with the kids about Christmas, and then it was time for presents. Santa had a magic chimney, and the children had to clap twice, then a present fell down the chimney. All of the kids got a present - Maria got a badge making kit, and Jack and his cousin who is 5 got a dinosaur fridge magnet making kit. Their little cousin who is 2 got a reindeer cuddly toy which he really liked. They also gave the kids a baby Christmas tree to give to their parents as a 'Thank you for bringing me to see Santa' present. Jack handed me his one and said it very politely! We were in there for exactly an hour and the kids had a really good time.

The kids tree decorations and reindeer food

We then popped over to the ice rink to watch people going round. There was some great music on, and the kids were high-fiving the man dressed as a penguin going round. It was a nice evening, not too cold, and a really nice atmosphere.


  1. Fab pics! I love Ruxley. I took my 3 boys there a couple of weeks ago and dressed my 6m old twins as elves for the photo haha!
    Thing is, I can't go to the garden centre at any other time of year because its not as magical and I dont want it ruined :D x

  2. I had never been there before...but I agree, I don't think I will as it will seen boring compared to how Christmasy it was :) x