Friday, 23 August 2013

My finger just slipped....

Hey lovelies :)

Last night I was looking on the Internet for dress ideas for Plus North and I stumbled on a new brand called Pink Clove. As soon as I opened up their website, I saw soooo much I wanted! They have some beautiful dresses and some gorgeous skirts! I don't own many skirts, but I saw at least 3 I want on there! 
So, I was perusing the dresses and noticed a lovely lace number in claret that I couldn't stop looking at. I kept on looking at the dresses, but seemed to be drawn back to that one. Here is a picture of it...

What I also really loved about their website is, in the description on the item, they give you the details of the dress and also give you the details of the model wearing it. So, for this dress.....

I think this is great as you can then relate how it hangs on the model to your height. So, whilst I was looking, well more drooling, over the dress, my finger accidentally hit the 'Add to bag' button....then somehow, I filled in delivery details, payment details and hitting order :) I couldn't resist! I also joined their newsletter, which gave me a 10% off discount code, so I opted for the next day delivery option too! I did order it at like 9pm, so it won't be here today, but I can;t wait for it to arrive, and I really hope it looks nice :)

If you haven't already, check them out here....

Beka x


  1. Oooh lovely! :) :) What are you going to wear with it if you decide to keep it?? :) :) xx

  2. I have seen quite a few pieces on their website that I like, this dress is lovely! x