Friday, 30 August 2013

My Inspiration

Well hello

Today I wanted to share with you my inspiration in life, my amazing parents, Peter and Carole.

My birthday 2010

Now, I know it may sound corny, but they are the best parents I could have ever wished for. They got married in June 1983, and I was born in August 1986. Shortly after I was born, they moved into a bigger family home, and they have been there ever since. They actually live opposite my dad's parent's, the house where my dad was born and grew up. This was great growing up, I got to see my grandparents every day! 
Back to my parents.....

First family photo after I was born

Since I was about 18 months old, they have been foster carers. That's over 25 years of looking after children, and lots of them. They have looked after over 100 children in that time! Now that is amazing!

Being an only child in our family unit - I do have 2 sisters and a brother from my mum's first marriage - I used to love having other children in the house to play with. We would have children from babies, to moody teenagers, but my parents handled each child with love and affection, something some of them were not used to. And that is what I admire most about my mum and dad. They care about each child, no matter what. That is their nature. Anyone who has met them would tell you the same. 

At their 30th Wedding Anniversary party 2013

So, after about 10 years of fostering, I was 11 and we had a young boy who was 13. I thought it would be great having someone to play with, but oh no. We argued ALL the time, sometimes we would even fight. He would play the 'I am the oldest!' card, and I would say 'Well it's my house!' and we went on like that for a few weeks, before mum and dad realised I needed to be the eldest child in the house. So from then on, we only ever had children that were younger than me. I do have to admit, I think it made me feel more settled, and responsible. 

When they were young!

For the last 10 years, they have mainly had babies. Mum loves babies :) They are so good with them. The majority of these babies have been adopted out to new families, which is an amazing thing. I don't think those children could have had a better start in life than to have had my parents look after them. Although it is heartbreaking to get so attached to this gorgeous baby, then have to watch them drive away, mum and dad know that they are getting what they have always deserved, a mum and dad that will love them, forever. Now, when I was helping to organise their 30th Wedding Anniversary party earlier this year, I knew that I had to invite some of the children that they had fostered, along with their families. It was no shock that the four families I invited were so happy to come along and celebrate with them. I had kept these guests a secret from mum and dad, and on the night, they were so happy when the arrived. So was I! Fostering has been a massive part of their married life, so I had to acknowledge that. 

On my wedding day 2012

My wedding day has to be one of the most special days in my life so far, and my parents were amazing. They helped so much, financially and emotionally. My mum helped me get ready and got me tied into my dress, and my dad gave me away. It was perfect. My dad's speech was so lovely, and after our first dance as a married couple, I had a special father-daughter dance with my dad. It was lovely, but all we could really here was my mum sobbing in the corner as, in her word, 'That is so lovely' then more crying! Haha, she was so emotional that day :)

At our wedding reception 2012

My mum is my role model, my inspiration, my best friend. She is so caring and loving, and I hope to be as good a mum as she was to me and my brother and sisters. She has been through so much in her life. Her dad died when she was 14, she had a blood clot in her lung, and she had breast cancer. She is an amazing woman. Through all of these things, and many more, she has carried on being the strong and loving woman I know she will always be!


My dad is perfect. He is so fun, and caring, and he gives the best hugs! He is always there for a chat, and he gives great advice. He has been a freelance photographer for around 12 years now, and he is amazing! I know I am bias, but he is! Haha. I think he found it quite hard on my wedding day not having a camera in his hand! But he did well, and he had one of his good friends do the photos, which were amazing :) He is the best dad ever.

Thank you for reading this post, I just wanted to share with everyone how wonderful my parents are, how much I appreciate what they have done for me over the last 27 years, and how much I love them.

Beka x

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