Thursday, 15 August 2013



I know.... I am a day late with this post, but at least it's here!!

This challenge was set by the lovely Rachel and she said:

"I'm going to go with stand out from the crowd, if you fat your told to blend it but let's stand out with pride :) whether it's bright colours, loud prints crazy hair it's up to you :)"

When I read the challenge, I wasn't too sure what to do, but then I wore this outfit the other day and thought it would be good to discuss :)

So here is me, in a dress. Now about 6 months ago, apart from my wedding day, I don't think I had worn a dress for like 5 years?? I just never felt comfortable in them and I thought I 'couldn't' wear them. This wasn't something that I felt society had told me I couldn't wear, but it was something I told my self I couldn't wear. I am slowly starting to embrace my girly side and buy more dresses :) 
Then, although not to apparent in the picture is that fact I am wearing nude wedges. They only have a small -maybe 1 inch - heel, but that is a big deal for me. I am just over 6ft tall, so the idea of ANY kind of heel scares me, but these I can do. Women are supposed to be smaller than men, not me! Again, this is something I thought I shouldn't wear, rather than even thinking about what people would think. I see it as, I am already tall, what does another inch or two matter!!

So I have conquered to of my 'fashion fears' in one outfit! And I plan to conquer more soon!!

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Beka x 


  1. Love the outfit and you should wear dresses as they really suit you xx

  2. Thanks :) I have found a few recently that I love wearing! Who'da thought it! x

  3. I have that dress too! It looks great on you. You have fab legs. x

  4. Lovely dress. ♡ You're looking fab. xoxo