Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Getting dressed up

Well hello

I forgot that I hadn't already posted about this! I have said a few times during my 31 Days Of May challenge about how I was organising my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary party on 1st June. I was so excited! Mainly for them to have a good night, but because I had a great outfit to wear :) Please excuse the state of me, this was taken at about 11pm, I had been on the go from 10am decorating and getting everyone sorted, and I was so hot from dancing!!

Dress - Lovedrobe
Tights - Marisota
Shoes - Curvissa

I really enjoyed wearing this dress :) It was so comfortable and lots of people complimented me on it. I don't wear dresses often, but I really liked it.  Everyone had a great night, and here are a few pictures from the evening :)

Leanne knows how to photo bomb!

Mum and Dad dancing to the song they did their first dance to at their wedding....Awww!

Cutting the cake my sister made. It had a picture on of them cutting their cake on their wedding day. And the little flower arrangement on top was from their wedding cake :)

My youngest niece decided that she didn't like fruit cake, so made a chocolate cake by herself. It was completely amazing!

Mmmmm so yummy!

My friend Guy and his gorgeous girlfriend Layla.

My sister Emma, Mum's friend Sarah and my lovely Mum dancing to New York New York at the end of the night.

It was a great night, and I wish we could do it every year! Mum and dad had a lovely time, I invited some of the children that they had looked after that had been adopted. It was a surprise and they had no idea! I invited 4 families, and they all came :) I knew when they got there, as mum made this scream and shouted 'What are you doing here!?' Haha. So much fun :)

toodle pip!

Beka x

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