Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Well hello

Wow. These last few days have gone really quickly! I can't believe I haven't posted on here since Saturday! It feels weird to not be blogging everyday.... although my cousin suggested doing in again for June, but 31 day days was enough for me! I really enjoyed the challenge of blogging everyday, but it did kind of take over my life for the month!
Anyway, I had a busy weekend, my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary party on Saturday, and a BBQ at their house on the Sunday with some of my family. I'll be doing a post on the night soon :)

So back to the reason for today's post..... Hubby and I were lucky to have a night without the kids last night, so we made the most of it and decided to go out for dinner. We went to our favourite restaurant, Cosmo in Chatham. I had popped out early in the day to Tesco and thought I'd have a little look around their clothes. They had a sale rail and I had a flick through seeing items in sizes 14, 12, 16 so on. Then I saw a hanger with 28 on. I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea the did any sizes larger than 22! So when I took the hanger off the rail, I was so happy :)

It is a black chiffon style shirt and I loved it :) I was nicely large, but not too big, and the sleeves were just the right length for me. And for £7 I had to get it!

So in the afternoon, I painted my nails with the beautiful Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.

I teamed my new shirt with my lace-look leggings, a purple vest top and my new black ballet pumps. And here is the finished look!

Purple vest top - George @ Asda
Black shirt - Tesco
Leggings - George @ Asda
Pumps - Curvissa
Bag - George @ Asda

We had a lovely evening, food was great, and we had a little drive and then home. It was lovely to just be out together for an evening.

Hoe you are OK :)

toodle pip!

Beka x

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  1. Looking good! Lovely outfit. I love Cosmo. x x