Thursday, 27 February 2014

OMCZ27 - Red Carpet Glamour

I have been a bad blogger and missed the last few Outside My Comfort Zone post, but hrre I am, back with a great one from Becky @ Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat.
Theme: Red Carpet Glamour
Becky wrote: 

As it is award season i would love to see some Red Carpet Glamour. Be inspired by some of the amazing outfits that have been down the red carpet and try and incorporate some of the key trends that seem to be appearing (colour blocking, bold colours, black and white) or even try and emulate your favourite stars red carpet look.  
I love this dress. That is it. I love the way I look in it, the compliments I get and how I feel in it. A year ago, I would never have worn anything like this. I never went near dresses, lace or anything that short, but I feel great in it. I bought this last year from Pink Clove and it is my 'go-to' dress for a night out.
I would happily wear this to a red carpet event as I really like the lace look of it, sexy but still elegant, even if I do say so myself!
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