Monday, 10 February 2014

The Long and Tall of It - Active Wear

This month, Kim and I are looking at active wear on The Long and Tall of It, and I have to say that I don't own any specific clothes for when I work out/exercise as I am mainly doing walking and cycling at the moment. I do do a bit of a cardio session using YouTube videos when I am at home if I get a spare 15-20 mins and need to get active!

So when I go for a walk, I usually wear something along these lines...

I wear my comfy skinny jeans with a jumper, especially at the moment with the crappy weather, my waterproof coat. I find that I work up a sweat in this, so don't like to have too many layers on. Footwear, at the moment, is my walking boots I purchased from Aldi about 2 months ago. They give me great support around my ankles, are are good for walking through the mud and puddles!

When I get to go cycling, my choice of clothing looks a bit like this....

I wear leggings with either my denim skirt and a long top, or with one of my Asos skater dresses. This may sound weird, but I like to make sure the people behind me don't get a look at my lower back/top of my bum! So I like to make sure I am either wearing a really long top, or the dress to keep me covered. I have yet to find a store that sells active wear that is long enough for me! Depending on the weather, I will either wear a light cardigan, or in the rain, my waterproof coat. Again, I don't want to get too hot, so I don't like to have too many layers on. As for footwear, I go for my Converse style pumps I bought from Tesco a while ago, men's section as usual for my large feet.

If I'm doing a quick work out at home, I throw this on...

These are just some men's jogging bottoms I bought from Asda, and then just a plain vest top from Sainsburys. This outfit is lovely and comfortable and easy to do my work out in. I had to opt for men's jogging bottoms as all the women's ones that I tried were way to short, and I don't like them flapping around above my ankles whilst I am trying to work out.

I did mange to find some great activewear on the Marisota website.

Firstly, I was really pleased that they did trousers with 32 inch leg, so would be perfect for me, and with the elasticated ankles, would be great for cycling. They are £35 and look really comfortable. The vest top is classed as a yoga top, but is a nice long length, still not sure whether it would be long enough for me, but looks lovely. Something I need to invest in is a sports bra. I have big boobs. Fact, and especially when I work out at home, and try star jumps, they kind of get in the way. So this bra looks like it would hold them down! and for £30 seems like a good piece to invest in. The fleece gilets would be great for when the weather gets a bit nicer, but I still don't want to be completely exposed to the wind. And I really like the look of the step for £25. I could do a good workout with that bad boy!

Check out more of Marisota's sports wear here.

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  1. I'm so excited! I have the pattern but haven't made them yet -- next up!!!! Activewear