Monday, 29 July 2013

Creamy Chicken with garlic and herbs

Hey there!

Last week, I was wandering around Asda looking for something to have for dinner, and having no idea what to do.....even though I was in a supermarket and could have got anything!!!! And something caught my eye.

I had seen this advertised on the TV and thought it looked nice, and when I saw it on offer for £1, I thought we should give it a try. I just cooked some chicken in the oven, then cut it up into chunks and put them into a frying pan.

Then I squeezed in the packet of sauce and heated it through on low until the sauce thickened.

It was smelling so amazing at this point! I then just cooked a couple of jacket potatoes and some green beans, and dinner was ready!

I was so eager to try, I started eating and realised I hadn't taken a picture of the finished product, so excuse the half-eaten potato! But I have to say, it was really nice! I am a massive fan of garlic and herb, well, ANYTHING! So I loved it.

The cooking sauce also comes in a mushroom flavour which I plan to try next time, although I may be tempted just to get this one again as I really liked it! 

Beka x

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