Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Hair Care Routine

Well hello

I have had long thick hair ever since I was little. When I was a baby, I had beautiful blonde hair, but by the age of about 9, it had become brown. I went through a period from about 18-20 years old of dying it. Sometimes dark red, once black, and mostly just a darker brown. I grew out of that phase! I have had a few different hair styles, short, long, bob, and all over the place! I am finally at a place where I am happy with my hair, length and colour, and now I have found a hair care routine that works!

My hair isn't naturally straight, or curly, but in between. It has always been dry, and I do like to use straighteners and curlers, so it has been put through a lot! Last year, I went for the Ombre look, which I am still loving :) And it is at a length I like too. Nice and long so I can do lots with it.

So here is what I use on my hair. I wash my hair every 2-3 days. If I do it more, it goes really dry and is a nightmare! First up, Shampoo!

This is the TRESemme Salon Silk Shampoo for dry and frizz-prone hair, which is what I have! I got this a while ago as it was on offer in Wilkinson I believe, 2 for £5. I will wash my hair with this, rinse it our, then use some more, only a little, and wash it again. 

I then use the TRESemme Luxurious Moisture Conditioner for dry or damaged hair. I bought this aaaages ago, but I always felt my hair would get greasy after like a day if I used conditioner, so I stopped using it. I started again about a month ago, and it is so good! I don't get that greasy feeling at all. I will put this on after my shampoo, and leave it on whilst I wash my body, then rinse it off at the end of my shower.

Because my hair is so thick, it takes forever to dry, even with a dryer! So I try to let it dry naturally for about 15-20 minutes, then spray the TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray all over, and brush it through. Then, starting with my fringe, dry my hair with my Vidal Sassoon hair dryer. I don't dry it completely, mainly as I spend about 20 mins drying it, then I get bored/my arms hurt! It's only normally the back underneath that I leave, but I tie it up to go to sleep and it leaves my hair with a lovely loose curl the next day.

Do you stick to the same hair care routine? 

toodle pip!

Beka x

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