Tuesday, 16 July 2013



Today I am bringing you my first post in the Outside My Comfort Zone challenge. A few weeks ago, Steph @ Seeing Spots put out a tweet asking if any other bloggers wanted to take part in this on-going challenge, and I couldn't wait to join in!

Due Date - Wednesday 17th July
Challenge - Breaking fashion rules

The challenge theme was picked this time by the gorgeous Becky :) I did take me a while to think of how I could interpret this theme, but in the end, I decided on this little outfit....

Blouse - Swanley Market
Vest - George @ Asda
Skirt - Inspire from ASOS

Here I have gone for wearing two different, and clashing patterned items. I can always remember being told not to wear two different patterns, but I quite liked it! I wore this out today, just to do the school runs, and I had no issue with it! 

A good first challenge to get me into it....let's see what challenge we have next time!

Check out the other lovely ladies taking part in this challenge, and see how they have done with this weeks theme :)

toodle pip!

Beka x


  1. Fab outfit looks lovely and cool for this hot weather! xxx

  2. Ah, clashing patterns is a good one! You look lovely and they really work together. x x

  3. hello and welcome the challege, I love this outfit. xxx

  4. Lovely outfit. I like it! <3 xoxo