Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Big feet = no choices!!


This is going to be a bit of a ranty post, I apologise now....

I had a little twitter conversation with Emma @ Meet The Millards about it now being winter and going from flip flops to boots. We both agreed that we like both style of shoes, but it reminded me that I don't have any comfy flat boots, ankle or long, that I can wear this winter :( So I set some time to have a little look online to see what I could find.

Evans Black Buckle Strap Chelsea Boots £39.50

I really like the look of these boots, and they have a really small hell, so help with not making me any taller! And for just under £40, could be a great winter staple without breaking the bank.

Tall Girls Double Buckle Ankle Boot £95

I think these boots look great, and like the fact that they are slightly taller than the first ones, so would be more comfortable around my ankles, but also worry they would be a bit restrictive on my chubby ankles. Quite pricey at £95, but could maybe last a good few years.

Brantano Knitted Worker Ankle Boots £40

These boots look soooo warm! The knitted lining looks like these would be lovely in the cold winter months. These are different from my other choices, but I really like the look of these, and would maybe be a better boot for doing the school run in.....and for £40, I think they are a great price!

Evans Grey Stud Back Chelsea Boots £49.50

These are beautiful! I love the studs on the back of these boots, adding a bit of sparkle to them. Again, they look nice and comfy, and have only a small heel, so nice for me and my tallness.

Tall Girls Triple Button Boot £95

This, again, is a different style of boot than what I was looking at, but they look so warm! They are lined with fleece wool and have a zip on the inside. I would love these soo much for this winter!!

Evans Black Triple Velcro Comfort Boots £59.50

I'm in two minds about these ones..... They look like they would be really comfy to walk in, but I'm not sure about the Velcro fastening. With my big legs, I question whether, once put on and done up, they wouldn't come undone as I walk? Anyway, at just under £60, another good investment buy for the winter.

So there are some great winter boots for my big size 10 feet. But were the rant comes in is here.....
More with the Brantano website, as they cater for all shoes sizes, I got a little annoyed. I have been into one of their stores before and bought a pair of shoes, so I knew they went up to size 10 in the ladies section. I thought the easiest way to search for boots would be to choose my size and see what it brings up. So I scrolled down to the size section and this is what I saw....

REALLY??? you have 571 pairs to choose from if you are a size 7, but I get 10!!!!!! And this is for all shoes, not just boots!! 

I don't even know what to say now.. I don't really think I need to say anything else.

Anyways, have you got your winter boots ready?

Beka x


  1. Hi Beka,
    I work at Brantano HQ, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry you're not happy with the range of size 10 shoes. We do have 11 new styles coming in over the next few months, but appreciate that this doesn't really address your point. Unfortunately we have to operate our range decisions based on demand, and at the moment we don't have enough people asking for size 10s to warrant a broader range.
    We keep this under constant review and will let you know if there are going to be any significant changes.

    Many thanks, Harriette

  2. Hi Harriette,
    Thanks for letting me know. I didn't mean to pick on your company in particular, but I was just looking on your website and it gave me the figures that bring to my attention the lack of shoes for woman with larger feet. I have bought boots from Brantano before, and they are great, but I just get disheartened by the minimal choice that I have when I want to buy shoes.
    Thanks again, and I'll keep my eye out on your website for the new styles!