Friday, 27 September 2013

Returning soon...


I am so excited to announce that Five Question Friday will be returning from next week!! I am so excited to be able to bring you some more lovely ladies, their amazing blogs, and just be a nosey madam and get to ask them some questions!

I used to really enjoy this post every week, getting to email and chat to some truly inspirational women who have helped me to grow, and I even had the pleasure of meeting a good few of them at Plus North. I had to take a break during my vlogging in August as I had taken on way to much trying to vlog everyday and try to keep on top of my blog, let alone find the time to try and contact people and sort out some questions... and I didn't want to have to rush any part of it.

So anyway, it is back, and better than ever :) I have got some great ladies lined up that have kindly agreed to take part, plus I'm on the hunt for some new blogs to have a read of and chat to their writers :) 

If you have any suggestions of anyone who you think would be good for me to talk to, then please leave a comment below!

See you next week!!

Beka x


  1. Looking forward to it I love your Five Question Friday xx