Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Claire Richards Range


I was invited to a Fashion World event in London on Tuesday to see the unveiling of the new Claire Richards range. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event, so I decided to have a look through the current collection on the Fashion World website. To be truthful, I haven't looked at the items at all from the Claire Richards range...... so I was dying to jump in and see what was there!

Sequin Bodycon Dress £90

This dress caught my eye straight away! I don't own a bodycon dress...yet! I am still a little unsure on how they will look on me, and how I will feel wearing one. But, if I was to wear one, this would be it! I love the sequins and think this would be a great dress for Christmas and New Year.

Bird Print Dress £50

I had actually seen this dress modelled by my lovely friend Emma on her blog here, and she looked so fab in it! I love the print, and the length of the dress, which on me, would probably be more knee length!!! But that's a reason why I like it.

Stud Slouchy Jersey Top £30

I love this for the winter! It looks stylish, yet so comfy. I looks like a great length and is in the colour aubergine, which is a colour I am loving at the moment!

Tweed Prom Dress £70

This looks amazing. I try and stay away from too much black in my wardrobe now, but this looks so good! I love the design, including the V neckline, and the sleeves are so cute! 

There are some lovely pieces in the current collection, and I am looking forward to taking a look at the new products soon!

Check out the collection here.

Beka x 

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