Thursday, 19 September 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour


For Mike's birthday, I booked us tickets to go to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London. We are both big Harry Potter fans, so we were really looking forward to seeing all the sets and props, and whatever else we could! So, we dropped the kids off at school then we headed off round the M25! Luckily, it wasn't too bad traffic-wise, and we had the time to stop to a cheeky Starbucks at South Mimms services. 

We then got back on the road and in what seemed like no time, we had arrived! We were a little early, as you have to book a time slot, so there is a constant flow of people, rather than everyone turning up at once and having to queue for ages!

Outside the building was some of the actual chess pieces used in the film when the characters play wizard's chess in the first film. They were massive! But really kool. Mike also get a special 'Happy Birthday' badge which was really good too!

After a short time queueing (about 15 minutes) we were lead into a cinema room where we watched a short film about what we were going to see. Then we got guided into 'The Great Hall' which was amazing! After that, we were pretty much free to make our way around the studios. We saw the set of Dumbledore's office and the clothes worn by Harry, Ron and Hermione for the last film.

As we were looking at some of the costumes and makeup from the films, one of the people who worked there brought out a little box to show s couple of was Harry's scar!!! It was small flakes of what looked like skin, that they would glue onto Daniel Radcliffe's head, then just make it look more real by adding blood on the top. Only about 5 of us got to see it, which was amazing :)

I really enjoyed seeing all of the costumes from, Snape, Hagrid and Dobby, to he shall not be named!

We then go to go out into a courtyard area which had lots more in it! Firstly, we had to try some Butterbeer. It was pretty sickly, but not too bad! Then we got to see some of the vehicles used in the films, Hagrid's bike and side car, the flying car, and my favourite...The Night Bus!

There were also some outside sets - 4 Privet Drive,  The Potter family home at Godric's Hollow and the Hogwarts Bridge. Plus, you could see into the bottom floor of the Night Bus!

We then went inside another studio, where we first some animation bits, and then through to Diagon Alley! It was like we were really there....well we were, but you know what I mean! All of the different shops, with lots of details in all of the windows. From Olivander's wand shop, to the Weasley brother's joke shop, it was so real!

Then lastly, there was Hogwarts! It was so amazing to walk into this room and see it. There was some gorgeous music playing, and the lighting changed after about 5 minutes so it looked like it was night was sooo pretty! 

What I wore - ASOS Dress, Market Leggings, and Evans Ballet Pumps
Hair was in my 'signature' side plait :)

We had such a fab day! Mike really enjoyed it, which I was pleased with, and it is something I think everyone who likes the Harry Potter films should do.

Have you been, or do you want to go?

Beka x

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