Friday, 13 September 2013

Pink Clove review

Hey everyone!

I had a great time at the weekend when Mike and I travelled to Manchester for Plus North. This weekend had been building for months, and I was getting more and more excited! 

In August, I came across a new company called Pink Clove that other bloggers had mentioned, so I decided to take a look, and automatically fell in love with a dress - read about my impulse buy here! So, after the dress arrived, I couldn't wait to try it on! Now, I knew that the dress was going to be a little short for me....most are being 6"1!! But I really loved how it looked on me, the style and the quality of the dress.

It was a little short, but I loved it! I automatically knew that this was my party dress for Plus North! And I did!

Dress - Pink Clove
Shoes - Evans

I loved it! My favourite part would be the sleeves. I think they are such a great length and the lace was so comfy, and not at all itchy! That was a worry for me, but I had the dress on for just over 5 hours and it was so comfortable.

If you haven't done so already, check out there range of clothing at, they have some amazing items! I am planning my next purchase soon!!

Beka x


  1. It's gorgeous and so is your hair! x

  2. Thanks Leah! It's so thick! I tried curling it, but they just fall out :( xx

  3. You did look gorgeous in that dress on the Saturday and the colour is fab xx

  4. Thanks Nikki :) I did really like the colour :) xx