Monday, 30 September 2013

Funky bracelets!

Hey there!

In our goody bags from the Plus North After Party was some lovely treats :) One of the things I loved the most was these gorgeous little bracelets from a company called Bekl.

You may notice I have two....Mike didn't mind me stealing his one! Anyway, as you can see in the top picture, both bracelets have a little silver cube with the letter 'B' on, which stands for Bekl. But for me, it's my initial! I was quite pleased with that!
On the other side, there are these embellishments, each different, but both lovely.

The white bracelet is sporting an 'Infinity' symbol in a brass coloured metal. 

This one has a silver ring engraved with the quote 'Peace starts with a smile'. I thought this was such a great quote.

So, as I love these, I decided to have a look on their website.....which was in fact a bad idea, as now I want soooo much! Here are some of my favourite items.

1.  Red Turtle Anklet
2. Lilac Gold Bar Thread
3. Turquoise Thick Plaited Threads
4. Lad's Holiday from the Men's Collection
5. Orange Elegant Beaded Thread
6. Turquoise Knotted and Beaded Threads

Take a look at their website, they have some amazing pieces! You can find it here.

Lastly, I just wanted to share with you a poem that I found on their site :)

The Bekl Poem

“Tie me around your wrist,
And I’ll continue to persist,
To encourage you through and sew the seed,
To help you in your life succeed…

Once I start to weather and fray,
Cut me off at the end of the day,
And see that problem fly as light as a feather,
You’ll have learn’t a lesson to stay with you forever…”


Beka x

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