Sunday, 13 October 2013

DEA London Coat

Hey guys!

In June, Mike and I went to the launch of Dea London's A/W13 range on a rooftop in London on one of the hottest days of the year! You can read about the event here. So, I was lucky enough to win a prize draw on the day, and my prize was one of their amazing coats from the A/W13 collection.

After the event was over, the designer Jelena Fehmi took me to one side and took some measurements so that my coat would be custom fit just for me. I got to choose where I wanted the coat to come down to, and where the pockets would be, so it was all completely my choice :)
So yesterday, it arrived! I couldn't wait to try it on...and I wasn't disappointed!

It is so lovely! I felt so warm in it, it is lined and fit me perfectly! It has a pretty lace-style detail on the collar and sleeves, which I love! In the picture above, I have the sleeves down fully, but you can roll them over and you can see the detail....

Then there are the two little cords that hang down from the give them a tighten and then the collar becomes more like a built in scarf!! It is so comfy :)

I love it! And I am so happy that I get to own a piece from this wonderful collection. You can find their whole collection here.

Beka x