Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Long And Tall Of It - Dresses

Hey there!

This is the first in a series of posts in collaboration with my lovely tall twin Kim @ Call Me Kim. 

We have met a few times now, and each time we have ended up discussing our difficulties in finding clothes to fit us properly. We both love how much the 'plus size' market has grown in the last few years, but we feel that there is currently a large gap in the plus size market for longer lengths and we are often forced to make things 'work' instead of wearing it as it was originally designed to be worn.  Often, we're asked by other bloggers or readers for tips on how to combat these issues - as there seems to be little advice from brands in store.

First up, I wanted to talk about dresses.....

This is one of my favourite dresses! It is from ASOS Curve and I bought it in July. I loved the print, the style, the sleeve length and love the way it looks on me. My only criticism is the length. In the picture above, I am wearing leggings with the dress, and that is my 'go-to' way to wear this dress.

Here I am wearing the dress with black tights for my birthday. I really didn't want to wear leggings, so I went for tights instead, but it was rather short! I had to make sure I didn't bend over or move the wrong way, or I would be flashing my knickers! 
I do have to reiterate that I LOVE this dress. I wear it lots, and have even got another one the same style, but with an Aztec print, but they are more like tunics than dresses for me.

Next up is another dress from ASOS Curve.....

Now this was more like it! I ordered this dress with my birthday money, and as soon as I tried it on, I was soooo happy! It was a great length on me, the neckline was lovely and the sleeves were also a good length. It wasn't advertised as longer than the average dresses, I think they are all slightly different, but this is SO much longer than my first dress. I wore this for the Friday night at Plus North, and I had so many compliments, and I felt great in it.

I have become a true dress wearer over the past 6 months, but the majority of the dresses I have bought, and still love, have been just a little too short for me. I still wear them, but I have to 'make them work' with leggings, rather than as a dress, with tights. 

Beka x


  1. I have the same problem. I love the style of the skater dresses but they indecent on me as they are to short. Only just got into dresses but this is really bugging me.

  2. It is tough, they just need to be a couple of inches longer! x

  3. I've bought so many dresses over the past year, and of all of them I can actually wear about 2 with tights rather than leggings! Don'y get me wrong, wearing leggings is probably comfier and I don't really mind but it's always something to bear in mind when I buy a dress from online. I love how Asos tell you the models height so it's easier to judge, I wish more sites would do that! x

  4. I do like wearing leggings, but it would be nicer to have the option to wear tights, I recently bought a dress from Pink Clove, and they gave you the height of the model. So that meant I could at least (roughly) know where it would come to on me. I agree, it would be so much better if other sites could do that too. Some give you the length, but I never know where to measure from, and it goes over our 'lumps and bumps' differently. We just have to keep trying! xx