Friday, 25 October 2013

Five Question Friday - Jess

Hey there!

Welcome to Friday here on Stuffy Stuff, and Friday means it's time to ask some questions!! This week I aksed some question to the grogeous Jess @ Lovely Jubbly.

1. What is your favourite clothing shop?
As a plus size girl I tend to shop a lot on line and for fashion I really like Yours Clothing, ASOS and Simply Be! I also like New Look as the best high street store for plus size fashion! 

2. If you had £1000 to spend on one item, what would it be?
I'd spend it on a holiday of some kind, or maybe a designer bag as those are two things I could never justify spending on myself!

3. What is your favourite accessory?
For the autumn/winter time we are in now, I think it would have to be scarves. I really love chunky knitted scarves and snuggly 'snoods'! Other than that .... fluffy socks and slippers?

4. What is one fashion trend you wish would come back? 
I'm not sure on this one! I remember loving those skirt and trouser combos back at the school discos, but I'm not sure I'd like that trend to return! I love monochrome so I hope that trend stays!  

5. What is your favourite TV Show?
Without a doubt Grey's Anatomy! I've watched every single episode and it's the one show I watch religiously! I also really love Dexter, Catfish, Sex and the city, friends and Prison Break! (Netflix addict) 

I have to admit that I haven't ever watched Grey's Anatomy.... But I do love Catfish! And you can't beat a nice knitted scarf to keep you warm in the winter :) Thanks so much to Jess for taking the time to answer my questions, and if you haven't looked at her blog yet, what are you waiting for! You can find her here :)

See you next week!

Beka x

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