Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Revlon Nail Art Style Strips


I went out for my friends birthday last month, and decided to FINALLY try some nail wraps that I bought about 3 months ago.... I bought them from a beauty shop in Dockside Shopping Centre. They were on offer at 3 for £5, and I had had some good experiences with nail wraps, so thought I would get them to try.

So I went for these ones for my evening out...

These were probably my favourite design from the three that I bought, I love leopard print! But I do have to say I don't own any clothing items with the print on..... so I love it when I can accessorise with it :)

So I made sue I read the instructions properly as I find that some of them differ on how you are supposed to prepare your nail or the strips. So I got out the strips and the file from the packet and got very excited - somehow they looked more sparkly than when they were in the packaging!

So, I started by taking them out of the packet, and sizing them up on my nails. They had a good range of sizes and shapes, which was great, with a total of 18 'stickers' all together. 

So off I went.... and they were pretty easy to apply, and quite stretchy, which came in handy for some of my nails. Some where just not wide enough for my nails, but it was really easy for me to stretch them out. It took me about 10 minutes to finish off my first hand, I do like to make sure they are on nicely, and file them gently. So, here is the finished result.

They looked so lovely! I was ready to party!

I love nail wraps - it's a chance to have nail art without having to do the nail art! I am really looking forward to using the other designs I have soon!

Have you tried nail wraps?  What do you think?

Beka x

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