Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Catch up :)

Well hello

I've just sat down to do some emailing whilst Eastenders is on, and realised I didn't put a post up yesterday! So I have remedied that with a film review for yesterday, and this post will be for today :)

I've spent most of my free time over the last week making decorations and crafty bits for Christmas. A few of them you can see on my previous blog posts, and I'll have a few more up for you over the next couple of weeks....

I'm kind of obsessed actually. Even now, whilst I am writing this, I am stopping to make some stars (so cute, will do a blog post soon!) and I can't stop. I am not even kidding! Luckily, ages ago I bought a book of scrap booking paper from Amazon, like 140 sheets, with random patterns and colours on. So that is coming in very handy right about now!

So, at the rate I am going, my house is going to be covered in loo roll flowers, bauble wreaths, and mini stars, but I love it! I am going to get such a great feeling looking at them all knowing that I have made them all myself. I have even put up some of the stars in my hall already.....now before you judge me, they are not completely christmassy! I will show you guys a picture when I have decorated fully for Christmas, and yes, that will be on the 1st December! You can't stop Mike....as soon as it's December, we've got decorations up and Christmas songs on (which I secretly love too)

Anyway, when are you planning on decorating for Christmas?

toodle pip!

Beka x

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