Sunday, 11 November 2012

Facebook bargains

Well hello

I was recently introduced to a few pages on Facebook called 'Mad Cafe'. There are lots of different sites that specialise in different areas, but the idea is that you can list items you have for sale. Pretty standard really, you just need to list what the item is that you want to sell, how much you want for it and where you are. I am part of the Kent Mad Cafe, so I assume they are available for different areas - you don't want to see something you have to have, and find out it is 100 miles away!
There are also different groups for different things - kid's clothes, kid's toys, adult site (not as bad as it sounds, pretty much anything from a dining table to a set of kitchen scales) and many more.
I haven't personally sold anything yet, mainly as I am a hoarder, but I have bought a couple of things.....

First up was a set of 3 Beech effect cube shelves.

The lady had told me that they were new and unused, and wanted £8 - I asked if she could deliver for that price, and she came back and said that she couldn't deliver, but I could have them for £5 if I collected - result!
They are as said, new and unused, all the fixings were there and I am very pleased with them. When I collected them, we had a quick chat about how it was a good place to sell things, but how it can be annoying when someone agrees to come and collect an item, and they don't bother.

Next (haha) was some Next canvases.

These were on sale for £10 by a lady and she had told me she bought them for £18 new. They are unopened as she didn't end up painting her room teal, so they no longer went with her decor. They are a nice size, not too large, so I hope they will look nice in my lounge :) They look gorgeous and have some embroidered detail on them which makes them sparkle.

These will be going up together on the same wall (when hubby gets round to putting them up :-P) so I will pop up a picture when we have a diy day and get them up.

Hope you all had a great weekend, new week, new targets :-)

toodle pip!

Beka x

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