Monday, 5 November 2012

Family time

Well hello

Today we were quite lucky to have the kids for an extra day after half term last week, so we could go someone and know that it wouldn't be packed :)
So we decided to head to somewhere we drive past occasionally and always say 'we should go there on day'. So today was that day....
Lost Island Adventure Golf in Sidcup!!!! It was £20 for a family of four, and they have two different courses, one I believe it slightly harder, so with our little ones, we went for the easier one.

It had a good variety of holes, and attractions around them. It based around the idea of an island where explorers have crashed, so there is debris from a crashed helicopter, big footprints on the path and little caves, including a hole inside one! There is a big waterfall and running streams all over the place, but, maybe as we went during the 'winter season' they weren't on, which was a shame, but didn't ruin the experience too much.

World of Golf - Lost Island Adventure

I hope everyone had a good Monday, more adventures tomorrow :)

toodle pip!

Beka x

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