Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Well hello

I hope you are all well. Today I am reviewing some make-up brushes from Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman. Now I need to fill you in with the back story about these....

About a year ago I was looking on YouTube for Halloween makeup ideas and came across a lady called Nicola doing a tutorial on how to do 'Corpse Bride' makeup (you can find it here) Now that was more work than I wanted to do, but was amazing to watch. I then subscribed to her channel Pixiwoo. I then found out the channel is run by her and her sister Samantha. So I was spending my evenings watching their videos, in awe of 1. how beautiful they are! 2. how they do lots of different types of styles and 3. how they make it possible for people like me to have a go at home.

So I had been keeping an eye on their tutorials and had seen that Sam had spoken about a range of brushes she was bringing out, and they sounded amazing. I had been toying with getting some for a while, then, whilst out birthday shopping with my husband, I saw them in Boots and he bought them for me :) It was great as they were on offer, buy one get one half price, so I was even happier to get them. Now don't get me wrong, they are a great price, both for the sets and for the individual brushes.

So that's the story, now here are the brushes...

So from the left....
Starter set - this is a set of 5 brushes - amazing! I use them all on a daily basis, mainly for my eyes and eyebrows, and the one in the very left of the box, is AMAZING for applying concealer, especially under my eyes.
Stippling brush - this is a individual brush. This is great for applying all different products to your face. I've used it for moisturiser, foundation, bronzer and blusher. A wonderful all round brush.
Shading brush - this is an individual brush. I use this everyday for adding definition to my eyes and for applying highlighter. Another good brush that can be used in different ways.
Core Collection - this is a set of 5 brushes. I mainly wanted this for the buffing brush (far right) which is good for applying foundation and blusher. Also, the brush in the left of the pack (the name escapes me...) is great for applying contour as it is a graduated brush - the tip applies the bronzer, then the rest of the brush helps to blend it in.
So, overall, I am so pleased with them and I even used them on my wedding day :) So worth the money, not that they are too expensive. From memory (as I bought them in August) the sets were about £22 and the individual ones were between £8 and £12.
Have you tried these brushes, or another range you would recommend?
toodle pip!
Beka x

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