Sunday, 25 November 2012


Well hello

I have done it again! I am still getting into the swing of this blogging, but Mike and I were at a party yesterday, and then stayed over my parents house, so my blogging duties were a little lapse...

So we have just got home, thankfully, as it is now pouring down with rain! We are lucky that we love on top of a hill, so being flooded is not a major worry for us, luckily. I have seen the pictures on the news of the poor people who have been unlucky with all this rain. It's such a shame, but I guess there is nothing we can do. If it's going to rain, it will rain! I suppose we just need to be a little more prepared.

So we have had a long weekend. We had a party at my brother's new house as a housewarming/birthday party yesterday, then we stayed over at my parents as they live nearer to him, and we managed to arrange a sleepover for the kids with Mike's parents, so we thought we'd make the most of our time away. Then we did a bit of Christmas shopping before a nice lunch in Chatham. Then, back to pick the dog up from my parents house and off to get the kids.

Now we are home and trying to relax.... well I've personally got a million things going round my head as I have a lot to do before tomorrow morning. I've got a valuer coming at 10am, then Maisie's social worker is coming at 3:30, then I have parents evening for Maisie at 5:40, then the best bit of the day....I'm off out for sushi with my best girls in the evening :)

So that's tomorrow.....for this evening, catching up on some Saturday night TV, then a bit of housework before bed.

I hope you have had a good weekend and haven't been too affected by the rain.

Is it raining where you are now?

toodle pip!

Beka x

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